Penguins: A Young skaters Aid

The penguin stability aid came following a visit to Holland where children were using adult walking frames to stop themselves falling on the ice. Knowing that English children would not feel "cool" about using such a thing a frame was obtained and measurement taken to adapt some type of stability aid that would be more appealing to the youth.

The penguin stability aid was the result, and keen to keep work within Britain a company was sourced in the roto-moulding industry to produce a basic shell. These are the painted and assembled in Thornaby before being dispatched to Marshall's International for eventual sale. 

As the base penguin is a solid construction and the level of abuse testament to how strong they are, original penguins purchased can be refurbished at our Thornaby base. 


If you are interested in purchasing Penguin stability aids please click here: Marshall's International

Penguins in pictures

Please contact for more information and to enquire about refurbishment or Penguins for hire

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